Surgical Procedures


Wound Reconstruction

One of the most common types of wounds that are reconstructed are after skin cancer excision. Most skin cancers occur on the "sunbelt of the face" as they are caused by sunburns. This is the nose, cheeks, temples and ears; the areas you have seen sunburned the most often. A variety of skin grafts and flaps can be used to make these areas look as normal as possible.

After vehicle accidents and other forms of trauma, broken legs are often missing skin and the exposed fractured bone fragments can become infected. Plastic surgeons will often transfer muscles, skin and bone from other parts of the leg, back, hip or abdomen to rebuild the mutilated legs. This type of reconstruction will often permit the patients to keep the leg for walking, whereas years ago, amputation was much more common.

A plastic surgeon can also reattach body parts that have been accidentally severed. If the parts cannot be replanted, they can sometimes be reconstructed. For example, if a person has lost his thumb, the first or second toe can be transferred to the hand to provide excellent hand function as a "thoe."